Safety Alerts

AR Electrical Inc. works independently by keeping your safety in mind so that you can protect yourself against the potential shock and fire hazards. You can make a difference in ensuring the safety of your home and family by following basic electrical safety tips.

  • Ensuring you research electrical projects.
  • Using the services of licensed electrical contractors.
  • Ensuring you arrange for electrical inspections if you are concerned about your home’s electrical system, or if you are doing electrical work.
  • Know the rules – ask about the Ontario Electrical Safety Code requirements for electrical wiring and installations.
  • Ensure the power is off – always turn power off from the panel box, and use an approved tester to ensure power is off.
  • Use approved products – look for the mark of a recognized certification agency on electrical products.
  • If you are not familiar with your homes electrical system, or do not know who has done the electrical work in your home in the past, we recommend you to consult a licensed electrical contractor about your home electrical requirements.
  • Arrange to have your electrical work inspected – as required by the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

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