AR Electrical Services Inc. provides comprehensive and professional electrical inspections. Our first priority is you and your families safety, this is why we are provide a complimentary AR Electrical Services Inc. Checkup with every service call.


AR Electrical Inspections

Mississauga electrical Service is the expert on saving you money on your electricity from the appliances and light save your energy Our qualified electricians will inspect your homes electrical system to ensure that its in compliance with the most up-to-date electrical codes and make all the necessary corrections while on site. It is our goal at AR Electrical Services Inc. to prevent electrical hazards while promoting proper functioning of your entire electrical system. We advise that your all electrical code violations as soon as possible to correct to keep your family safe from fire hazards and electrical shock.

Our residential electrical inspections ensure that your home is in complete compliance with all current electrical codes and is operating in top notch condition to help keep you and your family safe.

New Code Update Alert:

One of the newest electrical codes to be updated involves ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs /AFCI). This code requires that all bathroom receptacles and all kitchen receptacles servicing. All new spotlights require new separate circuit as per new code. Now AFCI combination require for all areas except kitchen.


Frequent Questions


Do you do emergency calls?

We provide emergency calls for both residential and businesses.


Can you change wiring in old houses?

Yes.  We can upgrade your wiring to meet the newest standards.


Do you upgrade panels?

Yes.  We can upgrade panels 100-200-400 amps.


Do you do heated floors?

Yes.  We can install heated flooring.


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